SEAMLESS-WAVE is a developing “SoftwarE infrAstructure for Multi-purpose fLood modElling at variouS scaleS” based on "WAVElets" and their versatile properties. The vision behind SEAMLESS-WAVE is to produce an intelligent and holistic modelling framework, which can drastically reduce iterations in building and testing for an optimal model setting, and in controlling the propagation of model-error due to scaling effects and of uncertainty due statistical inputs.

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The ‘Flood modelling & forecasting challenges in industry’ workshop

Date: September 16, 2021

Location: United Kingdom

Orginizers: Georges Kesserwani, Vanessa Speight, Mahya Hajihassanpour, Elizabeth K Court

The workshop was part of the EPSRC-funded project SEAMLESS-WAVE and supported by TWENTY65. It brought together practitioners and scholars, in an attempt to identify and discuss timely issues in operational-scale flood modelling, forecasting and management. The workshop aimed to increase our understanding of industrial and practical needs that require further addressing in academic research. The focus was on the themes:

The workshop was facilitated by a series of invited talks by experts from academia, industry and UK organisations. Title of the talks and speakers’ information are listed in the agenda (see the appendix). During the lunch break, there was a virtual networking event on Gather Town allowing participants to meet each other online.

At the end of the workshop, participates were directed into Miro’s whiteboards letting them enter their thoughts, comments and ideas. The result of this brainstorm can be seen hereunder:


A direct outcome of the workshop is an online post-workshop report written based on compiling and analysing the participants’ inputs.