SEAMLESS-WAVE is a developing “SoftwarE infrAstructure for Multi-purpose fLood modElling at variouS scaleS” based on "WAVElets" and their versatile properties. The vision behind SEAMLESS-WAVE is to produce an intelligent and holistic modelling framework, which can drastically reduce iterations in building and testing for an optimal model setting, and in controlling the propagation of model-error due to scaling effects and of uncertainty due statistical inputs.

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Download LISFLOOD-FP 8.0 for University of Sheffield users

LISFLOOD-FP 8.0 is available to users from University of Sheffield through the Github repository. From the repository, the package can be downloaded as a ZIP file, as shown in the screeshot below.


Once the ZIP file is extracted, a directory named LISFLOOD-FP-trunk will be created, which contains all the source files, preprocessing and postprocessing scripts, and the input files of the provided test cases (see Case studies).